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You may not have been to the USAbut you probably watched a lot of films or series created therewhich means you noticed that the windows in American houses are somewhat different from those that we are used to.

Most of the window structures overseas are made of PVC profiles - approximately 68of the total number of installationsThe rest of the Americans remain true to tradition and prefer wooda little less  often aluminumWood is found by many to be too difficult and capricious to operateand aluminum often loses in its ability to retain heatBut with the advent of new technological plasticthis material is increasingly chosen by American customersPVC is a practicalsafeenvironmentally friendly and affordable option for a window in your home or office.

But if the interest in PVC in America and Russia is a similar factorthen what is the differenceThe fundamental difference in the design of windowsin the United Statesit is more common not to turn hinged optionsbut to lift themTheir other name is a vertical sliderLet's take a closer look at windows with such a mechanismlook at their history of their appearancestrengths and weaknesses.


History of occurrence

Despite the strong association of vertical windows with the United Statestheir very invention took place on a completely different continent - in EnglandFor the first timestructures with a lifting system were used at the end of the 17th century at Chatsworth Housethe English ducal residencewhich many people know as the “treasury”. Over the next few centuriessuch windows gained popularitywere used everywhereand even became one of the typical features of Georgian architectureby which you can unmistakably recognize objects in this style.

Experts name among the reasons for the spread of vertical sliders the peculiarities of the English climateThe fact is that there are no hard frosts therebut a strong wind with gusts is a regular phenomenonHinged windowsespecially in the form that was available at that timelose to lift windows in their ability to withstand wind loads.

Together with the first English settlerslifting windows ended up on another continent - in North AmericaInterestinglyit is in the central and northern states that such windows are more common than in the southHerenot only climate mitigationwhich occurs with every hundred kilometers to the southhas an impactbut also the fact that the south was colonized to a greater extent by immigrants from France and Spainand they are used to usinglike usframes with a swivel mechanism in their homeland.
The key feature of the described windows is the way they are opened - the movable part of the frame or it moves entirely verticallyDepending on the type of construction and the number of parts of the framethe windows are divided into one-, twoand three-leaf windowsModern systems can be made from a profile of different widthscomplemented by any number of glasses in a double-glazed window set.

Advantages of American windows:

universal appearance that will suit any facade and interior

originality of design

can be combined with any kind of curtains

if the frames are supplemented with blockersthis will increase the safety of windows for children

free access to the window sill area opens up great opportunities for using this spacefor exampleyou can use it as a place for indoor flowers

can be ventilated even if the window sill is occupied

it is convenient to install a mobile air conditioner by inserting a special plate with a hole for the air duct - this cannot be done with hinged windows

if drafts are a frequent occurrence in the housethen such windows will be a good choicesince the sash will not slam shut from gusts of wind.

Windows with a vertical sliding mechanism have both strengths and weaknesses:

to open the windowyou need to apply some force - this will become difficult for some categories of peoplefor examplefor children and the elderlythose who have limited physical abilities

windows of this design are more difficult to clean due to the peculiarities of their structure

the seal wears out much fasterthereforeit has to be replaced more often than in the case of a standard window design

it will not be possible to open the window completelyin contrast to the hinged

at the slightest deformation of the geometry of the framesthe operation of the window will be disrupted - it will not be possible to open and close it normallythis can become a serious problem in case of a fire or other emergency

due to the parameters described abovesuch windows are not recommended for installation in seismically hazardous areas

the price of a lifting system is significantly higher than the cost of conventional pivotingif we are not talking about installing a pair of windowsthen this is more than a significant differencechoosing American-style windows will require a much larger budget.


Their fundamental difference is in the way of opening, namely in vertical sliding opening. American windows are also called guillotine windows or vertical sliders.

Guillotine windows gained popularity in America during the Victorian era, and were brought to the country by the British. The first American windows had a vertical sliding system, and the windows themselves consisted of many small glass squares. Improvement in glass production technology made it possible to glaze window openings with solid sheets of glass, rather than squares.

Window design features

American windows can have one or two sashes. Single sash windows have a single sash that opens vertically upwards. Typically, such a window is opened from the outside, that is, the sash moves vertically upwards, parallel to the plane of the facade from the street side. If the ceiling height allows, then the window can open inside. A single sash window is not common.

Bifold windows are popular. Double-hung American windows can be of two types: Double hung and Single hung.

Single hung is a double sash window system where only one sash is movable. As a rule, the upper sash of the window is fixed, and the lower sash is movable.

Double hung is a window system with two movable independent sashes. The window can be opened by lowering the upper sash down or lifting the lower sash up.

Folding mechanism. Small windows can be equipped with folding mechanisms. In the upper part of the sash there are special latches, opening which, the sash leans into the apartment. This feature allows you to simplify the care of windows, washing window sashes is very simple.

Blocking constipation. In Double hung window systems, there is a lock in the center that blocks the movement of the sashes when they are as far apart as possible. That is, it is impossible to open the windows from the outside.

Special blockers at the bottom and top of the window opening limit the movement of the sashes so that they do not become on the same level, and you always have the opportunity to hook the sash with your hands. This is necessary because there are no protruding window handles for such windows.

Hardware features. The fittings of American windows are significantly different from the fittings we are used to: there are no hinges, no window handle. The sashes move on special skids.

How to buy replacement window screens

🙂 Advantages of American windows

One of the main advantages of American windows is space saving . There is no need to provide space near the window for an open sash. Also, the window sill can be used as a full-fledged work surface.

For our country, the installation of American windows is a way to stand out, to give your home a special charm and uniqueness.

Freedom in decor window

To decorate the window, you can choose any material and method, since an open sash, for example, will not pull back a tulle or curtain, as it can be in pivot windows. The absence of protruding handles allows you to choose blinds and roller shutters without any restrictions. In America, when it comes to decorating windows, practicality is preferred, and blinds are very popular.


Such windows allow better ventilation of the room. Since more air enters through the open sash than when the sash is tilted in tilt-and-turn windows. If in tilt-and-turn windows it is recommended to close the sashes in strong winds, then here you can not be afraid to damage the fittings with strong gusts of wind. The sashes are absolutely motionless in windy weather.

Ease of care

American windows equipped with folding mechanisms are very simple and easy to clean. Washing such windows will not be difficult, since the sash is accessible from all sides. The windows are adapted to the installation of mosquito nets, which are an essential attribute of a comfortable life.


The disadvantages of American windows include thermal insulation, which is inferior to standard tilt-and-turn designs . In the design of such a window, single-chamber double-glazed windows with an energy-saving coating are usually used. Double glazing is not possible due to weight restrictions. Heavy windows in this case will be problematic to open, especially for older people.

American windows require a high quality, costly seal , which must be replaced every year or a snug fit is not possible. The disadvantages of American windows include the high cost of the design itself and the annual renewal of seals.

In the US, the demand for PVC profile windows is constantly growing

And although most of the United States has experienced relatively mild winters in recent years, due to which a stable snow cover cannot form and there is no long period of low temperatures, all the same, the inhabitants of the country continue to actively invest in the insulation of their homes, investing them in heat savings.

In the southern regions, a few years ago one could often see single-pane windows in residential buildings, but they are gradually becoming a thing of the past, and they are being replaced by modern ones with double-glazed windows made of plastic profiles. In addition to insulation, they perfectly protect the room from street noise at any time of the year.

The question arises, why do Americans continue to buy modern PVC profile windows, despite the mild winters? The answer is simple - the economic crisis, as well as the high cost of heat carriers, leads to the fact that the population began to reduce heating costs. Therefore, a very promising market for energy-saving means is opening up in the country, and first of all, these are windows made of plastic profiles. Analysts calculated that the volume of the plastic window market will increase by at least 10% annually until 2016, and by 2018 modern PVC window systems will dominate over wooden ones, which are considered traditional in America. Companies producing and installing plastic profiles turned out to be completely unprepared for this, so they began to quickly work on expanding production,

It is also noted that PVC prices will rise in February and March. Suppliers of North American PVC are confident that, despite the fact that the new prices turned out to be unattractive for many buyers, the cost of raw materials for window profiles will remain firm both in February and March for most markets, including the CIS countries and Russia.

Limited availability coupled with stable demand from overseas markets is driving price increases in February and March for North American PVC for many markets. Due to planned shutdowns of some PVC production capacities in January and February, as well as due to increased demand from the US domestic market, including manufacturers of window profiles, suppliers have to limit export quotas.

In addition, stable demand for PVC from processors in Turkey, CIS countries, Egypt, China and Russia encourages North American producers to raise prices for export shipments in February.

Mikron Industries Inc. is a part of Quanex Building Products Corporation, USA - a leading manufacturer of engineering materials and components used in construction. Headquarters of Mikron Industries, Inc. located in Kent, USA, Washington state. The corporation's manufacturing facilities are located in Illinois, Washington, and Kentucky. The company produces a wide range of profiles from vinyl and composite materials. The products are used by most window and door manufacturers in the United States.

Since the 1970s, Mikron has paid great attention to respect for the environment, using vinyl materials with improved properties in its production, which extend the life of the profile and increase its energy-saving characteristics. The company attaches great importance to the recycling of raw material waste both from its own production and from the production waste of its customers.
The company's latest achievement was the new generation EnergyCore profile, which was first introduced at Glassbuild America in the fall of 2009 in Atlanta, and in 2010 the new product was awarded the highest award in the USA - 2010 Crystal Achievement Award in the category of the most innovative components for windows and doors.
The EnergyCore profile was created to allow window manufacturers to produce products with the highest energy efficiency compared to conventional PVC profile, fiber optic profile and even wood profile. At the same time, the profile is easy to process, does not require reinforcement, is lightweight and has an elegant design.
At the core of EnergyCore is an extruded air-chamber system that provides an excellent thermal barrier. The same inner part of the profile also performs the function of reinforcement. In contrast to the manual process of filling the profile with foam, the new tri-extrusion technology produced by EnergyCore guarantees complete insulation of the profile and avoids internal voids. According to Mikron, the addition of an air-chamber core to the extrusion can reduce the thermal conductivity of the product by 6 times compared to a fiberglass profile, 4 times compared to conventional PVC and 3 times compared to pine wood frames. The core uses a material that makes the corners fully welded. The profile is environmentally friendly and production waste is 100% recyclable.

A window made from the EnergyCore profile can significantly improve the thermophysical properties of the entire structure, since EnergyCore has an extremely low thermal conductivity. The value of the reduced resistance to heat transfer of the EnergyCore profile itself is 0.8 m² ° C / W (R = 4.55 ft² F / BTU in US units).
Tests conducted by the National Certification Testing Laboratory (NCTL) in Washington State showed the following results: The heat transfer resistance of a 10200 series casement window with 29mm double glazing LOW-E glass filled with argon using Duralite tape was 0.8m²°C /W (R=4.35 ft²F/BTU in US units). 

A double-glazed window, which makes up the largest part of the window, has a significant impact on the thermal characteristics of the window as a whole. Therefore, in all countries of the world, double-glazed windows produced using the “warm edge” technology are increasingly being used.
The leading position in the world among the "warm edge" systems is occupied by DuraSeal and Duralite. DuraSeal and Duralite spacers are manufactured by Truseal Technologies, Inc. at a plant in Kentucky, USA. These are the latest multi-layer laminated systems in which most of the monolithic center is replaced by air, which is the best insulating material. Duralite replaces the wavy aluminum spacer with polycarbonate, which greatly reduces the heat conduction coefficient and makes Duralite the leader among warm edge systems. Due to its "insulated" structure, Duralite allows to increase the temperature in the edge zone of the double-glazed window by 4 - 6°C, thereby increasing the overall temperature of the window and providing comfort in the house.

Flexible spacer "warm edge" DuraSeal is a common term in the market of translucent structures in Russia. For the first time, RuSail LLC presented this technology in Moscow in 2005, and Russian professionals in the SEC market quickly appreciated the advantages of this technology for the production of double-glazed windows.
Currently, warm double-glazed windows are produced in almost all regions of Russia, from Kaliningrad to the Far East. Double-glazed windows with Duraseal have not only been successfully tested in various certification centers in Russia, but have also proven themselves in difficult Russian climatic conditions. RuSail is proud to be able to offer the best products to Russian manufacturers.

In addition to high technical characteristics, this technology is comfortable for manufacturers themselves.

  • The technology is compact and does not require large production areas
  • Consumables are packed in a compact package, and therefore there is no need for a large warehouse with numerous components, since one package measuring 50x50x50 cm allows the production of up to 115 m² of single-chamber 24 mm double-glazed windows
  • The amount of material is strictly dosed already at the manufacturing plant, which makes it easy to control its accounting and consumption in production, plan purchases with minimal investment
  • DuraSeal has a long shelf life: 12 months from date of manufacture
  • The shop is always clean and comfortable, because DuraSeal is an environmentally friendly product in the form of a tape that does not have unpleasant odors
  • The minimum number of people is involved in the production and the so-called "human factor" is minimized
  • High performance
  • The double-glazed window does not need to be “dryed”, it is immediately ready for installation in the frame
  • It is possible to produce double-glazed windows both in small productions using the simplest equipment, and in large productions using full automatic lines
  • It is possible to produce irregularly shaped double-glazed windows without additional equipment and labor costs

Unlike the traditional technology for the production of double-glazed windows, this technology allows you to organize production with a high level of culture, make the process of manufacturing double-glazed windows pleasant, forget about complaints once and for all, since the possibility of their occurrence in this technology is minimized.
The undeniable advantages of DuraSeal allowed it to become a leader not only in the market of translucent structures in the USA (24% of the market), but also to take a big step beyond the borders of the continent, conquer Europe and rapidly develop in the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries.
You can get more detailed information on the products presented in this article, as well as purchase them from RuSail, the official distributor of Truseal Technologies Inc. and Mikron Industries. Inc in Russia.
RuSail thanks Truseal Technologies, Inc. and Mikron Industries, Inc. for the materials provided for this article.

US Window and Door Manufacturers

Fortune has published its annual list of the 500 largest US companies that have some of the highest ratings for 2011, including the flagships of the door and window industry, according to the portal MA This list also includes several suppliers who are members of the chemical industry who work closely with the window industry. Home Depot , Atlanta, ranked 35th (up from 2010 - 30th). The company's 2011 revenue was $70,395 million, up 3.5% from 2010 revenue of $67,997 million. In 2011, profits increased by $3883 million. Masco company , Michigan, which is the parent company of Milgard Windows and Doors, ranked 338 in 2011 (314 in 2010). Its total revenue last year was $7,560 million, down 0.4% from its 2010 revenue of $7,592 million. In 2011, the company's profit was $575 million. 3M Company , Minnesota ranked 102nd in 2011 (97th in 2010). The company's annual revenue was $29,611 million, up 11.1% from $26,662 million a year ago. The company achieved a profit of $4,283 million a year. Fortune Brands , Illinois was removed from the top 500 list. In 2010, it ranked 352 (total income of 6.570 million), unfortunately now it ranks 837. From chemical companies Dow Chemical , Michigan ranked 47th (45th in 2010) and also ranked #1 in the chemical industry. The company's total revenue was $59,985 million compared to $53,674 million last year, up 11.8%. The company achieved a profit of $2,742 million a year. Danbury, Conn . - Praxair, which teamed up with Integrated Automation Systems to recently develop the Optigas gas filling machine, ranked 238th overall (241st in 2010), but placed sixth in the chemical industry. The company's total revenue was $11.252 million compared to $10.116 million last year (up 11.2%). In 2011, the profit was $ 1672 million Dupont , Delaware, ranked 72nd overall (up from 84th in 2010), and ranked second among chemical companies. The company's total revenue was $38,719 million, up from $32,733 million last year (up 18.3%). The company's earnings are listed at $3,474 million. PPG Industries , Pittsburgh, ranked 180th and third in the chemical industry (compared to 181 last year). Its total income in 2011 was $14,885 million compared to $13,423 million in 2010, down 10.9%. The company achieved a profit of $1,095 million for the year. Eastman Chemical, Tennessee, ranks 346th overall (up from 348th in 2010) but ranked 11th in the chemical industry. The company's total revenue was $7283 million compared to $6691 million last year, up 8.8%. Eastman, which recently acquired Solutia, posted a profit of $696 million a year. Momentive Specialty Chemicals , Ohio, ranked 452 (433 in 2010) with total revenue of $5,352 million, up 3.4% from 2010 revenue of $5,174 million. in the amount of $ 118 million per year.

Milgard Window

At the beginning of May, the American window manufacturer MI Windows and Doors announced the closure of two production plants of the Milgard brand, taken over by MI in November last year, within the next few weeks. According to MI managers, the decision to close plants in the city of Aurora, Colorado and Grand Prairie, Texas is due to the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 epidemic.

"Unfortunately, it has become uneconomical to maintain factories in these locations in order to maintain our company's long-term health," said Matt DeSoto, MI CEO.

Following the acquisition of Milgard in November 2019 , MI executives said the company would continue to be committed to delivering Milgard brand products and services to customers in Denver and the Mountain West region from its Western US facilities . However, the brand will no longer be available in Texas. The company said, however, that the full range of MI brand products, manufactured in a 37,000-square-meter plant in Texas, is still available there. square meters.

Following the closure of Milgard's facilities, director De Sotto said: "These decisions affect a significant number of families, and we will do everything we can to support them during the transition period." MI Windows and Doors is one of the largest manufacturers of PVC and aluminum windows and doors in the USA . The company was founded over seventy years ago in an aviation hangar in Florida.

Sales of windows to the USA

The coronavirus outbreak is a major shock to the global economy. The existing plans and methods of operation of many enterprises have radically changed. PAGEN is a positive example of finding itself in this difficult situation. The manufacturer of windows and doors has just informed about the same level of sales of windows to the USA as last year and presented one of the investments equipped with its PVC joinery.

The COVID-19 pandemic has still not been brought under control in the United States. Daily SARS-CoV-2 cases of coronavirus infections continue to rise in 40 states. For several days, the US has been reporting about 60,000 new cases. Experts estimate that the epidemic situation in the United States is the worst in the world. Nearly 4 million cases of coronavirus infection have been diagnosed there.

Business in the face of a pandemic

Year by year, the increase in exports to the United States of the Polish window industry has given rise to considerable optimism. In 2019, Polish companies producing PVC windows and doors recorded a 20% increase in sales of their products compared to the previous year. In the case of steel joinery, the increase was even more impressive and amounted to 50%. The current situation in the construction market in the US, however, will certainly affect this branch of Polish exports.

n April 2020, there was a 30% decrease in the number of houses and apartments built in the United States compared to the same period last year. The number of building permits issued also dropped noticeably - there were over 20 percent less than a year ago. Maintaining the last year's level of sales to the USA after 7 months of this year, in this situation we accept with a sense of certain satisfaction. Our portfolio of orders to be carried out in the remaining months of this year will allow us to successfully implement the assumed sales plan for 2020, especially since despite the pandemic, we ship goods without any delays - comments Barbara Kapusta, Export Sales Manager.

The potential of the construction industry

The number of housing and house construction commenced in April in the US amounted to over 890,000. and is the lowest since January 2015. American economists initially estimated that around 940,000 jobs in the United States will start in 2020. construction investments. The effects of the coronavirus can haunt the construction industry for a long time to come. It should be noted that only in March and April about 20 million people in the US lost their jobs, which significantly cooled interest in buying real estate, even with low interest rates on housing loans. However, the potential of the construction industry is still large and may stimulate the export of Polish construction products.

Thanks to the gradual defrosting of the US economy, the construction industry stands a chance to recover from the worst slump. I look to the future with hope and look forward to hearing about further bold investment decisions made by our key partners. Their recommendations for our products also contribute to the development of the sales network on the American market - summarizes Barbara Kapusta, inviting you to see the recently commissioned investment in Chicago, Illinois, equipped with PAGEN PVC windows.

PVC Exclusive Line window

The Exclusive Line plastic window system is an innovative, 7-chamber solution in the  Schüco LivIng system , providing very high thermal insulation, so far unattainable without the use of additional, costly solutions. Due to the reliable and durable solutions in this system, we offer up to 10 years of warranty. The Exclusive Line window is a product that will help protect you against burglary, allow you to save up to 45% in heating, and thanks to the Elegant version, it will enjoy exceptional aesthetic values.

  • Triple glazing 4/18/4/18/4 Ug = 0.5 W / m²K with the SWISSPACER frame.
  • Sealing in the patented V-PERFECT® technology

SECURITY -  Bet on security!

Windows in this version provide protection in the event of basic activities involving physical force. By choosing the SECURITY model, you will receive a product with burglary resistance in the RC1N class. The window is equipped with octagonal locking bolts and anti-theft catches in all corners and an anti-drill plate mounted on the espagnolette cassette.

PASSIVE -  Heat gain in winter and protection against heat in summer!

In order for the windows to achieve such a low heat transfer coefficient, the PASSIVE version is equipped with a composite triple-glazed unit filled with krypton, additionally a warm swisspacer ultimate frame was used. Two layers of glazing are covered with a low-emission coating, thanks to which the thermal transmittance of the glass is not higher than 0.4 W / m2K. The PASSIVE window meets the requirements of the ift Rosenheim institute in the field of passive construction.

ELEGANT - Multi-  point locking hardware with invisible hinges

The ELEGANT version is a window equipped with a tilt-turn fitting, discreetly hidden in the rebate clearance. Thanks to this design of the hardware, the hinges are invisible when the window is closed. In addition to aesthetic values, we obtain unique technical parameters - sash capacity up to 150 kg. A window with invisible hinges also has better thermal insulation, because the hinges are completely hidden in the dry chamber between the sash and the window frame, thus no thermal bridge is created.

Windows and doors worth billions go to the West and the US

US  windows and doors are an export hit. Their exports increased by 4.5 percent year on year. The pandemic did not stop, and the total shipment of doors and windows is already 1%. all Polish exports of goods.

As experts from the Polish Economic Institute (PIE) remind, window and door joinery is a Polish export specialty. Poland is their largest European producer. And since 2015, it has also been number 1 in terms of the value of exports among the European Union countries. The pandemic did not prevent the expansion of the window and door joinery industry. As PIE analysts indicate, this is especially visible in the export results of this industry. According to the data of the Central Statistical Office, in 2020 the value of exports of windows and doors amounted to EUR 2.38 billion and was almost 4.5 percent. higher than in 2019. Moreover, the share of these products in total Polish exports exceeded 1 percent.

Plastic windows and doors

As PIE experts indicate, plastic products are of the greatest importance in the export of window and door joinery. Our country is the largest exporter in the world in this category. In 2019, almost every third PVC window or door exported came from Poland. The share of the second on the list was Germany - 10.1%, and the third - China - 7.4%.

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Despite the global coronavirus pandemic, Poland's position as the world leader in exporting this type of products has remained unchallenged. The export value of PVC windows and doors in 2020 was more than two times higher than a decade ago and eighteen times higher than in the year of Poland's accession to the EU (May 1, 2004).

Windows and doors - where do we export them?

Window and door carpentry products are delivered to 75 countries. Companies that export include: Oknoplast, Drutex, Fakro. The largest recipients are, of course, the EU countries, which receive almost 90 percent. supply. First of all, these are large EU countries: Germany (38% of all exports of PVC windows and doors), France (11.3%) and Italy (10.8%), although important recipients also included: Belgium (6 , 9%), the Czech Republic (5.1%) and the Netherlands (4.6%).